Coolest Person on Earth


One of the first questions I always get asked is how exactly does Google think that I’m the coolest person on earth? The answer is quite simple, SEO. Search Engine Optimization is the most crucial factor to focus on once your website is online and it is the process of taking keywords that pertain to your company or website, and making you show up on search results for those terms. For example; in just under 3 weeks I was able to become that coolest person.

Studies show that over 7 billion searches are done each day on Google; and most of those internet users only view the first page of listings that come up in a given search. This means that lower-ranked sites are never even seen by most internet users and are usually deemed irrelevant. More importantly, higher ranking websites are viewed by the everyday Google user, meaning more people view those sites, meaning more people will believe it.

All of that being explained; am I still the coolest person on earth – or just that good at search engine optimization.