Coolest Person on Earth

Am I really the coolest person on earth?

...Or am I just really good at search engine optimization...

coolest person on earth

I would like to say it is a combination of both, but if I were to be honest, it is the latter. I have been doing SEO for over 8 years now and have assisted many companies achieve their full online potential by getting their website a first page ranking for hundreds of keywords.

In less than three weeks of the site being live, I was able to get this brand new site first page ranking on Google for the keyword “coolest person on earth”. A keyword is a term that a person types into a search engine, in which results follow they are the most optimized for that keyword. Different websites have different keywords, depending on what they want to come up for in search results.

Being among the top search results for “coolest person on earth” helps to create an instant trusting relationship between prospective clients and myself. It doesn’t hurt that many people who visit the site actually think I am the coolest person on earth, when in fact, it is just a coincidental combination of coolness and aptitude for search engine optimization.

When I tell people that I am the coolest person on earth, they are sometimes skeptical but when they type those four simple words into Google, my website is there! The same can be true of any company—it can be easy to tell people about your line of business or website, but when they search you, can you be easily discovered?

Many business and individuals have great websites, but unfortunately, SEO tactics are not implemented during the creation like they were in the development of the coolest person on earth site. Because of this, these great websites are not actually seen by anyone. Websites can be expensive and it is important that you find a company who incorporates SEO into the creation of it instead of just wasting your own time and money.

Like I said, the coolest person on earth website had a first page Google ranking in less than three weeks and due to our constant monitoring of the site, it maintains its ranking. Depending on keywords, the timeline of different websites varies, but we work our best to provide our clients with timely, dependable, and overall satisfying service.

All of our work done, including the work for the coolest person on earth site, is done in house. This includes web design, SEO implementation, content development, and account and project management. While this seems like it should be the norm, many companies outsource their work which makes it extremely difficult to get in contact with the people that you need to speak with. As the coolest person on earth, I ensure that you are properly taken care of.

What keywords do you want to have a first page ranking for on Google? Let me know and I will help make it happen.