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Website to Mobile

It is no secret that in the past year, mobile websites have been taking over the web. With the constant monitoring of websites and my busy schedule (not to mention my role as the coolest person on earth), I am always accessing the internet on my cell phone. There is nothing more frustrating when a webpage is not offered in mobile format and it is almost impossible to navigate. I understand that I am not the only busy person, especially in a city like Miami, so I am sure people experience these similar frustrations.

It is important for your company to invest in a website to mobile conversation so you avoid customers’ stress and negative connotation they may attribute to your company because of it. You should trust Justin Levy and Affordable SEOs with your website’s conversion, because we have done it even for ourselves! No company can afford to fall behind in the times and not accommodate devices like iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Androids—it is absolutely necessary to stay ahead of the competition since more customers are willing to access user-friendly websites.